TMA is an Italian winch manufacturer who, since being established in 1987, has been manufacturing only winches. Being specialist in this area, TMA is able and free to find the best technical solutions and to procure the most suitable components, without any restrictions due to other production commitments.

TMA designs and builds hoisting and pulling winches for every application and for a wide variety of market sectors: compact winches for truck cranes, high speed winches for mobile cranes, special winches for drilling machines, customized winches for marine application and special low magnetism winches for the military sector.

Safety is enhanced by the use of a range of devices: empty drum sensors, tension rollers, spooling devices, grooved drums, load limit devices etc. and the TMA range offers a choice of accessories: pulley blocks, wire ropes, hooks. The Company has a commitment to providing the highest levels of after-sales service to guarantee optimal and continued use of the products.