Full Customized Winches


TMA is able to design and manufacture full customized winches, according to the special requirements of the application. Electric or hydraulic driven winches, standard or double drum, single or multiple motor input, in line or orthogonal mechanical transmission are just some samples of the versions that can be provided.

  • Grooved Drum
  • Special Grooved Drum
  • Special Length Drum
  • Double Drum
  • Multiple Motor Input
  • ATEX (Ex II 2G Ex h IIC T4 Gb)
  • ATEX (Ex II 3G Ex h IIA T3 Gc)
  • Class Approved
  • Surface Marine Treatment
  • Surface Flame Metallizing
  • Tension Roller in Stainless Steel
  • Wire Rope
  • Pulley Block
  • Hook
  • Tension Roller
  • Lower Limit Switch
  • Spooling Device
  • Load Limiting System
  • Load Detection System
  • Emergency Lowering
  • MOPS
  • AOPS
  • Constant Tension

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